The LinuxCounter Project is closed!

Dear people,

in 2011 I’ve overtaken the project „The Linuxcounter project“ from Harald Tveit Alvestrand, who has started the project in 1993, just two years after Linux was born. In the end of 2011 I’ve completely recreated the whole project from scratch on top of the old database. Since then I have maintained, administrated and bugfixed the project with all my girlspower.

Most of you may have noticed, that I am a transsexual woman. My name was Alexander Mieland. I changed my lastname through marriage to Alexander Löhner. Since my Coming Out in October 2015, my name then is Christin Löhner. I had my coming out to you all in December 2015 and your response was so absolutely great, warm and friendly. It was absolutely awesome and I am so thankful about your support and your friendship!

Well, I had my first gender surgery in january 2018 and my second one, the cosmetic correction gender surgery in august 2018. Since then I am arrived in my female body and for sure one of the luckiest woman around the world! But now, finally it is time for me to step back and to try to live stealth.

I have not the power anymore to further maintain this project. You know, your support to my person and my transition was absolutely awesome. But I had absolutely no help or support with developing and maintaining this project. There were nearly no donations at all over the years, I had to pay everything (server and such) by myself. And nobody tried to help me with the administration or the maintaining. And thus, as already calmly announced on facebook, I will now close this project.

Since several years, there also were no more news about this project and there also were nearly no new registrations of users and machines, so for me, the project has died a very slow dead over the years and now, the end has come. It’s hard to say, but the project now finally is dead.

I wish you all the very best and nevertheless, if you want to stay in contact with me, if you want to follow me and my further transition, then follow the links below to my blog, to facebook, twitter, instagram or whatsever.

I thank you all for this great time! Thanks so much for your support and your friendship!

Best regards, Christin Löhner