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Christin is an activist. She fights for the rights and concerns of transgender people and the entire LGBT+ community. She uses her fame to shout out her message from time to time on television and in newspapers.


In her capacity as a member of the federal executive of a political party, as well as queer and women's policy spokesperson for this party, Christin is politically committed to all issues concerning women, trans* people and the LGBT community.

Association chairwoman

In 2016, Christin founded the VDGE e.V.. An association that has been providing peer counseling and self-help groups for transgender people throughout Germany ever since. She has chaired this association ever since.


In October 2018, Christin and Michelle became the first transgender and same-sex married couple in Baden-Württemberg. Since then, they have been very happily married and support each other.


As a woman, fighting for women's rights and equality is very important to her. She fights against patriarchy and tries to break down medieval gender roles.


As a (peer) counselor, Christin accompanies many transgender people and their relatives. She supports and helps with all questions relating to transgender and transition. She never pushes anyone in any direction and is bound by confidentiality.


Christin published her own autobiography in 2019. Under the title "trans(*)parent" you can read her whole story and a lot of useful and helpful information about the whole transition.


Christin has a young son who unfortunately no longer lives with her. Her ex-partner left her with her son. Nevertheless, Christin knows motherly love and knows what it means to be a mother.


As a teacher, Christin also passes on her knowledge and her important message to students, trainees, teachers and counselors at schools, universities and clinics. She talks about social exclusion, bullying, discrimination, human rights and about her own life and transition with gender reassignment surgery, as well as the hurdles that lie in the way.

Self-help leader

With her association, VDGE e.V., Christin organizes self-help groups throughout Germany. She currently runs three self-help groups in south-west Germany.


Christin's main job is web developer and Linux server administrator. She is highly respected in her profession and is taken seriously as a woman who does good work. More than 25 years ago, Christin turned her hobby into her profession.


Christin is always open to new acquaintances and friends. Her door is always open - even for people in need - and there is always a place to sleep and a delicious breakfast.

Christian and her long road to transition

Christin only began her transition at the age of 43, in October 2015. She began her psychotherapeutic support therapy in January and then started her hormone replacement therapy in June 2016. She had her first gender reassignment surgery in January 2018 and her second one in August. In January 2020, she then had a minor surgical correction, and since 2020 she has been completely finished with her journey and has had all gender reassignment surgeries.

She had no help whatsoever on her transition journey, especially at the beginning, and had to find everything herself and work out how best and most sensibly to manage the journey. She knows very well the social exclusion, the verbal and physical violence, the bullying and the hurdles and obstacles that are put in the way of a transgender person.

It is precisely for these reasons that she tries to help others and make their lives and transition easier.