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Christin is primarily involved in voluntary social work with her association VDGE e.V., which she has also chaired since its foundation. In this context, she leads self-help groups and provides peer counselling for trans*gender and inter*gender people.

VDGE e.V. emerged from the only self-help group in the entire Lake Constance and Black Forest region. Christin founded this self-help group in 2016 in Radolfzell on Lake Constance under the name "Trans* SHG Hegau". From the very beginning, up to 25 people attended every meeting of this self-help group. This success prompted Christin to open another self-help group in Villingen (Black Forest).

However, this also brought with it a difficulty: the name "Trans* SHG Hegau" no longer made much sense. For this reason, Christin then founded the association VDGE e.V. - Vereinigung von Menschen mit Variante der Geschlechtsentwicklung e.V. - in 2021, under whose auspices all self-help groups were brought together.

Christin has been the chairwoman of VDGE e.V. ever since and is primarily responsible for the organisation of the association. She also ran three self-help groups herself. She now only runs one self-help group in Sulz am Neckar (Black Forest). However, she is also involved in many other areas of the organisation. 


As a woman with a transgender past, Christin knows the problems and hurdles that these people have to overcome, as well as the social marginalisation, discrimination and hatred that these people face. Christin is an activist and feminist and also fights politically for the rights and a better life for all queer people.

Christin is a member of the federal board of the party mut and is committed to this party as spokesperson for women's and queer politics. She is also responsible for the party's website and social media presence.

In 2020, Christin ran for the office of Lord Mayor of Constance on Lake Constance. Unfortunately, she withdrew her candidacy shortly before the actual election because a new candidate entered the stage who had almost the same election programme as her and significantly more political experience. She did not want them to take votes away from each other. Despite this, Christin has big plans for the party. In the long term, she would like to found a state association for this party in Baden-Württemberg.

Christin describes herself as an anti-fascist. She fights vehemently against right-wing ideas and fascism and does everything she can to stop the shift to the right in Germany. She believes that the party mut has a real chance of making a difference. However, the party still has a lot of growing to do.

Any committed person who would like to fight with her is cordially invited to find out more about the mut party's programme and become a member.

Visibility and education

Christian is an activist and feminist. She fights for the rights of trans*gender and inter*gender people, for real equality for all women and against verbal and physical violence against women.

Above all, however, she is passionate about the fight for rights, against discrimination and against violence and hatred against trans* people. To this end, she always tries to be as visible as possible.

Christin gives lectures at schools, universities and social institutions and is a regular lecturer in the curriculum of two large clinics. As a lecturer, she speaks twice a year at two clinics to nursing students on the topic of "LGBT in nursing".

Christin also tries to get her important message out loud in the media. She has already made many TV appearances, most recently in a major documentary on the VOX TV channel, as a guest on "Britt - Der Talk" on Sat.1 and on Barbara Karlich's talk show on ORF. There are already several TV documentaries about Christin and her life, and she is also frequently featured in the newspapers in south-west Germany.

In October 2018, Christin and her wife Michelle were the first same-sex and transgender married couple in Baden-Württemberg and this wedding was also featured in all the media.

All media and press reports can be found here.